Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid: Tips from the Pros
Aug 18, 2022

If you’re preparing your home for sale, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that can sabotage your efforts. Real estate agents have seen it all – and they know what to look for when it comes to home staging. This article will discuss some of the most common errors people make when staging their homes. By avoiding these mistakes, you can increase the likelihood of a successful sale!

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll have buyers vying to make the home sweet home theirs.

Consider that your house will be photographed.

This is a common mistake. It’s almost a given that home hunters start their search by looking at homes online, and amazing photos can determine whether to move beyond your listing or add it to their must-see list. It can be tempting to focus only on how your home appears in person, but you should also consider how it looks in photos.

Arrange furniture at an angle to exploit spaces.

Resist the urge to place that sofa or desk diagonally when preparing your home for sale. Setting furniture at an angle is one of the worst things you can do because it distorts the perspective of space. Your one exception: If the room itself features some weird tips, you may have no choice but to arrange the furniture accordingly.

Not having area rugs in open-concept layouts.

Open floor plans can be tricky to decorate. A bare expanse of floor space with nothing to warm it up or delineate specific areas is common mistake home stagers see.

Whether your home is for sale or not, consider adding area rugs if you don’t have them or swapping out your current rugs if you’ve lived with them for a while.

Do not place art out of scale.

A piece of art can make a fabulous and stylish statement in the right proportion. This can help the buyer connect with your home. Unfortunately, when scaled incorrectly, even the prettiest piece can ruin the feel of a room and damage a buyer’s impression of the space.

Avoid using too many small things.

One mistake homeowners often make when decorating themselves and when preparing their home for sale is making too many small mistakes. Common culprits include large sofas with various cushions that are too small, bookcases or built-ins with lots of frames and trinkets, and coffee tables cluttered with small-scale objects. For example, on a coffee table, two large vases and some greenery create a more sophisticated look than a variety of small items.

Skimping on lighting is a serious and common mistake.

Buyers love “bright and airy,” so having plenty of lighting in a home is key. The most recommended is to include floor and table lamps to create different layers of illumination.

Maximize the natural light in a room with curtains that let in plenty of light. A simple way to increase brightness is to pay attention to the placement of the curtains.

Not knowing your potential buyer.

If you want buyers to see your place as a place that fits their lifestyle, think about who might be most interested in your location and type of home. Avoid the temptation to go overboard with super-specific decoration. You want your home to attract as many people as possible.

Go too Bland

When trying to appeal to a wide variety of tastes, it’s easy to go too far and dull space. If you like to keep things low-key like wall color and sofas, add interest through art and textiles like colorful throw pillows.

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